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Hackers are hitting hotels hard: Tips for travelers and operators 

Let's review the latest string of incidents targeting hotels and assess some possible prevention methods for the future, including how individuals can travel safer, as well as how hotel administrators can boost their overall security posture.Point-of-sale malware has become an infamous source of headaches for retail IT. Memory-scraping malware and POS skimmers especially have wreaked havoc on small and medium-sized businesses, including boutiques and restaurants, mainly as a way to steal customer payment data. Even large, global retailers such as Target have been negatively impacted by the malicious feats of POS hackers. Continue reading

Security webinars coming up

In marketing and communication there’s a trend not to mention products too often, but rather focus on the benefits, the problems that are tackled, etc. We are all in favor, but  that doesn’t mean you should neglect proper education and training.

In the coming months we will be sharing insights in three key Trend Micro solutions, starting with OfficeScan – that can defend you against ransomware – on April 15th. Just click here to sign up!
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The inside job: How hackers are stealing data from within

Is-your-company-safe-from-internal-threats_459_40107048_0_14123204_300-300x200Data breaches have a pretty specific public perception these days. Media focus on cyber attacks resulting in the loss of private information has led many to believe that outside hackers are the only way companies can lose control over their data. While these events obviously need to be taken seriously, recent Trend Micro research has found that only one quarter of breaches can be linked to cyber criminals. Continue reading

Email may not be a safe mode of communication

Email-may-not-be-as-secure-as-many-people-might-think-_459_40114168_0_14014054_300-300x225Email has moved into the center of communications. This is especially true within the business sector, seeing as The Radicati Group discovered that the average employee sends and receives 122 emails every day. This digital means of discussion is incredibly convenient and quick, but it is far from a perfect system.  Continue reading

Mobile devices in healthcare: how secure are they?

Health-care-devices-need-to-be-secure_459_40106460_0_14117435_300-300x200Trend Micro researchers noted that the future of mobile tech in health care is bright. Wearable devices and technologies driven by the Internet of Things are beginning to contribute to a better health landscape. For instance, these wearables can track fitness levels and even blood sugar for those with diabetes, and they will soon be (or in some cases already are) able to track blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, among other important metrics. Continue reading

What not to do in 2016: A list of “don’ts” for CIOs

CIOs 2016Last year was a big year for cyber security – and not necessarily in a good way. A few high-profile data breaches made the news, according to Network World, including several that involved health insurance companies (e.g., Anthem and Premera) and one huge breach on an important federal government office (the Office of Personnel Management). The latter especially was cause for concern, as the confidential information of almost 22 million current and former federal employees was stolen, along with the biometric data of 5 million people. Continue reading

Get prepared for the stricter legislation on privacy and data protection

Lets-take-a-look-at-a-few-of-the-top-factors-and-considerations-business-leaders-should-make-with-their-IT-spending-next-year-_459_40101789_0_14122598_300It has been known for quite a while, but now it’s getting really close: the new European legislation on privacy, data protection and the notification obligation in case of data breaches. This change in legislation has a major impact on organizations, including yours. So we would like to take the time to provide you with some useful tips on how to comply with this new regulation.
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Get IT security on C-level, ASAP

hack3A recent article in Belgium’s leading IT magazine Data News highlighted once again the gap between the importance of security for organizations on the one hand and the investments that are being made to secure their infrastructure on the other hand. A survey by Ernst & Young leads to the conclusion that no less than 88% of the Belgian organizations believe that their security infrastructure does not meet the organization’s needs. And about two thirds of the organizations believe that the information security budget should be at least 50% higher than it is today.
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Dear CEO, you have a problem, and you don’t know it (yet) Cybersecurity, biggest concern and lowest priority

post1Cybersecurity keeps climbing on the list of concerns that keep the IT manager awake at night. And yet this topic is hardly ever, if at all, discussed on the board of directors. How is this possible, and what can we do about it?

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