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Gartner puts Trend Micro highest among leaders in 2017 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Hard work in 2016 definitely paid off for everyone on our endpoint security team here at Trend Micro. Recently Gartner, Inc. announced that Trend Micro had been positioned Highest and Furthest in the leader’s quadrant for its ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). Continue reading

Infosecurity, the place to be (especially booth 03.B010)

Infosecurity, the annual highlight of IT security in Belgium, is approaching rapidly, so we thought it would be good to send you a timely reminder. And while we’re at it, let us remind you why you don’t want to miss this high mass of Belgian IT on March 22nd and 23rd. Continue reading

2017 Predictions: A New Year’s Resolution for Security

preds-02As we close out 2016 and prepare to ring in the New Year we must take a look back at the past 11 months before we can predict what lies ahead. In the realm of cybersecurity, that means evaluating how the threat landscape has changed to accurately assess how it will continue to evolve. Continue reading

Browse safely on 5 digital devices: 10x Maximum Security to win!

schermafbeelding-2016-12-08-om-12-18-41Computers, tablets, smartphones, smart devices: they have become an important part of our daily lives. But recently it’s undeniable: hackers and cybercriminals are more active than ever and they are not just targeting large companies.

Without the proper protection, your computer, tablet or smartphone is a sitting duck. Without practically any effort at all, cybercriminals can gain access to your personal devices and private documents.

In collaboration with Data News we are giving away 10 packages of Maximum Security, our most complete protection for up to 5 different devices. Dangerous websites are automatically blocked, your privacy is protected on social media, your kids can browse the web safely, and Maximum Security also features the latest anti ransomware technology. More info can be found here.

If you want to play it safe, join the Data News contest to win Maximum Security’s protection!

Hybrid cloud security: it’s your responsibility!

schermafbeelding-2016-11-29-om-09-42-24The last few years, whenever VMware holds its annual user event VMworld, the concept of hybrid cloud is discussed at length. The topic is still the same but the questions have gradually shifted, from ‘how do I prepare for the hybrid cloud when it arrives?’ to ‘the hybrid cloud is already here. How do I deal with it?’. Continue reading

Pawn Storm Ramps Up Spear-phishing Before Zero-Days Get Patched

by Feike Hacquebord, Senior Threat Researcher

The effectiveness of a zero-day quickly deteriorates as an attack tool after it gets discovered and patched by the affected software vendors. Within the time between the discovery of the vulnerability and the release of the fix, a bad actor might try to get the most out of his previously valuable attack assets. This is exactly what we saw in late October and early November 2016, when the espionage group Pawn Storm (also known as Fancy Bear, APT28, Sofacy, and STRONTIUM) ramped up its spear-phishing campaigns against various governments and embassies around the world.  In these campaigns, Pawn Storm used a previously unknown zero-day in Adobe’s Flash (CVE-2016-7855, fixed on October 26, 2016 with an emergency update) in combination with a privilege escalation in Microsoft’s Windows Operating System (CVE-2016-7255) that was fixed on November 8, 2016. Continue reading

Forrester Report Names Trend Micro as a Leader in Endpoint Security

Ransomware, targeted attacks, zero day threats, information stealing malware – modern CISOs face a formidable array of threats today. Just last month the FBI was forced to issue yet another warning on ransomware, while Trend Micro alone has identified 79 new variants in the first half of the year, a staggering 179% increase on the total figure for 2015. Effective, multi-layered endpoint security is vital to keep threats at bay and ensure enterprise data is safe from harm. Continue reading

Raising the bar with XGen endpoint security – protection exactly when and where you need it

IT security managers are faced with a series of challenges: increasingly sophisticated threats, riskier user behavior and a lack of visibility across their different security systems. At Trend Micro, our promise to our customers has always been to help them be ahead of the bad guys and ensure their environments are safe and easily controllable. Today, we took our promise one step further and raised the bar for the entire industry. With the launch of XGenTM endpoint security, Trend Micro leads the industry into a new era of security. Continue reading