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Build your line of defense [security webinars]

Cybersecurity is a frequently returning topic in all business environments, but what does it mean? There’s so much to be protected these days that it’s a challenge to know where to start, how to make it work technically, how to integrate different security solutions?

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Steven Heyde will head new Trend Micro Benelux organisation

Steven Heyde_country manager_Trend MicroLooking back at the past years, Trend Micro can be very pleased with the growth of the organisation throughout Europe, and with the increased efficiency of our operations. But there is always room for improvement. One of these opportunities is the creation of a Benelux organisation, led by the former country manager of Trend Micro Belux, Steven Heyde. Continue reading

VMworld Europe 2015: Bridging the Gap between Infrastructure and Security

VMworld-2015As IT-savvy readers surely have noticed already: VMworld Europe starts today! From 12 to 15 October, Barcelona will be buzzing with animated conversations around virtualization, cloud, software-defined datacenter and related topics.  Continue reading

Heard it on the radio? :-) Your ID is just worth 700 euro in the Dark Web!

wp_below_the_surface_th It has been a quite interesting week for me. Believe it or not, I don’t get the opportunity to speak on two national (Radio 1 and BNR) radio broadcasting channels every week. The reason for this sudden interest? Trend Micro’s research on identity theft and the Deep Web, which made quite an impression. So of course I want to share this with our loyal audience as well.   Continue reading