Monthly Archives: November 2015

JOIN Experience: international telecom ambitions require world-class security

logo_JOiNOne of Trend Micro’s more remarkable customers is JOIN Experience, a joint venture between the private company JOIN Wireless – founded in June 2013 by three visionary Luxembourgish entrepreneurs – and the state-owned POST Luxembourg Group. Read below how virtualization and the appropriate security solution are key to their success. Continue reading

2016 Predictions: The Fine Line Between Business and Personal

TheFineLineOnline blackmail, hacktivism and mobile malware are still on the rise in 2016. These perhaps less surprising trends in Trend Micro’s report ‘The Fine Line: 2016 Security Predictions’ are clouded by one striking prediction: “due to the increasing use of smart devices in our daily activities, at least one smart device failure will have lethal consequences. Call it the first human cyber casualties or what you will, it is at the very least a prediction that we should consider for a moment. Continue reading

Trend Micro and Luxembourg: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

FredIt’s been about one year since we officially started up our Luxembourg office, and Frederic Dohen joined Trend Micro as our local business development manager, and what a year it was! With the help of Laurent Vanderschrick for channel and Frederik Van Roosendael for pre and post sales, Frederic has reintroduced Trend Micro to the local partner community, and has been able to explain the value and product range of Trend Micro; to show that we are not just an anti-malware vendor, as some of them falsely assumed. Continue reading