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As 600 million users are exposed to password hack, are your employee devices safe?

By Albert Kramer

Data-wissen-Trend-MicroBring Your Own Device (BYOD) has for the past few years been both a cause of sleepless nights for security bosses and a major flash point between the business and IT. To that we can now add wearable technology – smart watches, fitness trackers, head-mounted displays and the like which threaten to leak corporate data and expand the enterprise risk surface even further. IT consumerisation took another hit this month when research revealed that some of the most popular apps in the world have password brute force vulnerabilities, exposing as many as 600 million Android and iOS users. Continue reading

Get prepared for the stricter legislation on privacy and data protection

Lets-take-a-look-at-a-few-of-the-top-factors-and-considerations-business-leaders-should-make-with-their-IT-spending-next-year-_459_40101789_0_14122598_300It has been known for quite a while, but now it’s getting really close: the new European legislation on privacy, data protection and the notification obligation in case of data breaches. This change in legislation has a major impact on organizations, including yours. So we would like to take the time to provide you with some useful tips on how to comply with this new regulation.
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Get IT security on C-level, ASAP

hack3A recent article in Belgium’s leading IT magazine Data News highlighted once again the gap between the importance of security for organizations on the one hand and the investments that are being made to secure their infrastructure on the other hand. A survey by Ernst & Young leads to the conclusion that no less than 88% of the Belgian organizations believe that their security infrastructure does not meet the organization’s needs. And about two thirds of the organizations believe that the information security budget should be at least 50% higher than it is today.
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