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A cyber attack doesn’t need to be sophisticated to be dangerous

A-hack-doesnt-have-to-be-sophisticated-to-work-_459_40104699_0_14098092_300-300x240When people talk about specific cyber attacks, they very often focus on how sophisticated the hack was. Many newscasters love to discuss how refined a hacker’s methods are, propping the cyber criminal up as a highly intelligent individual who found his or her way to the wrong side of the law. While it is true that many cyber criminals are smart and use high-level techniques in their attacks, stating that all cyber attacks are sophisticated is missing the point. Continue reading

Cyber threats facing news organizations

Ransomware-targeted-attacks-and-hacktivism-have-all-affected-news-organizations-in-recent-months-_459_40105201_0_14095852_300-300x225Hackers are typically out for a quick payday. Any and all verticals – health care, government and finance – that may be storing sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, payment card data and contact details are perpetually in hackers’ crosshairs. All of this information can be sold quickly and easily on the Dark Web by anyone who is seeking to perpetrate an identity-theft scam. Continue reading

CES 2016: Many More Reasons for a ‘Bring Your Own Wearables’ Policy

2016_01_CES2016 has barely started, and the world’s biggest technology show has already come to an end. Last week, all people and firms involved in the digital world were watching or – if possible – attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. As always, Las Vegas provided the backdrop as we got a tantalizing glimpse into the future. And like last year, much of the focus centered on the Internet of Things. From smart cars over Belgian drones to fridges becoming family hubs: the digital future promises to be extremely connected. Continue reading

Anonymous and IS: hacktivism vs (online) terrorism


Last mont, shortly after the dramatic events in Paris, the online hacker community Anonymous announced more actions against IS (Islamic State). One of these actions was Anonymous’ appeal to everybody to make Friday 11 December ‘IS Trolling Day’, by criticizing and ridiculing IS on social media. This appeal followed actions by Anonymous hacktivists, such as blocking and publicly exposing hundreds of IS-related Twitter-accounts. Continue reading