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Security webinars coming up

In marketing and communication there’s a trend not to mention products too often, but rather focus on the benefits, the problems that are tackled, etc. We are all in favor, but  that doesn’t mean you should neglect proper education and training.

In the coming months we will be sharing insights in three key Trend Micro solutions, starting with OfficeScan – that can defend you against ransomware – on April 15th. Just click here to sign up!
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Trend Micro and VMware: a winning virtualization security combination for your hybrid cloud

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 09.02.19The future of company datacenters, and of IT in general, is in the cloud. And in the next few years, most of these clouds will definitely be hybrid. Our customers are asking for such solutions, that enable them to move towards the future while holding on – at least for a while – to their existing infrastructure. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of solutions available to enable this hybrid cloud and the closely related Software-Defined Data Center. Most of these solutions are the result of some form of collaboration between VMware and other industry players. Continue reading

The inside job: How hackers are stealing data from within

Is-your-company-safe-from-internal-threats_459_40107048_0_14123204_300-300x200Data breaches have a pretty specific public perception these days. Media focus on cyber attacks resulting in the loss of private information has led many to believe that outside hackers are the only way companies can lose control over their data. While these events obviously need to be taken seriously, recent Trend Micro research has found that only one quarter of breaches can be linked to cyber criminals. Continue reading