Monthly Archives: June 2016

Company CFOs Targeted The Most By BEC Schemes

bec_landing_pageIt should not come as a surprise that company executives (particularly the CEO and President) and other revered high-level employees get to be impersonated often for criminal reasons. How can you say no when it’s the CEO asking? How can you not comply when it’s already the President specifically requesting? Gone are the days of the telltale signs of an email scam: glaring grammatical errors and outlandish stories about lottery winnings or royalty riches. Today, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scammers use this regard of authority to target internal employees who may deal with and handle the finance of the company: the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). Continue reading

Ransomware 101: What Organizations Need to Know

Ransomware 101Pick up any newspaper or log-on to your favorite tech news site today and you’re likely to come across a story about ransomware. Trend Micro alone has blocked over 100 million such threats since last October and counting.

The best way of tackling ransomware is to take preventative measures built around layered protection. But the first step we need to take is understanding the problem. So let’s take a closer look at exactly what this new malware menace is and the implications for organizations. Continue reading

3 good reasons why you should visit us at Infosecurity

Infosecurity-2015Infosecurity is the annual highlight of IT security in Belgium. Due to the tragic events on March 22th, it was postponed to June 15th and 16th. Hence, next week! 

It’s not too late to sign up for the fair and we’ll give you three good reasons why you should!  Continue reading