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Pokémon Go: popularity comes at a price

What are the risks associated with Pokemon Go?Pokémon Go has become a global phenomenon. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to catch a Jigglypuff or gather Razzberries from the nearest Pokestop. The popular phone app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, is leading a generation of people to try to be the very best – along with being something fun and new for younger gamers, it’s bringing the nostalgia factor to older players who remember their very first encounter with Professor Oak.

But there may be an Ekans in the grass waiting to bite the ankles of unsuspecting trainers. Popularity often comes with a price, and this time, that price is the attention of cyber criminals. Continue reading

Cybercriminals and terrorists are more similar than we think

400x400Are terrorists really any different from cybercriminals? We stumbled upon terrorist content during our investigations on cybercriminal activity in the underground, and after a thorough analysis of it, we uncovered parallels in the way these two distinct groups operate online.

So yes, cybercriminals and terrorists are more similar than we think – they use similar platforms and services online, but also with some key differences. Continue reading

CrowdChat: The Cyber Security Disconnect

Dsl Kabel, Kabel, Plug, Netwerkkabels, Lijn, InternetThe ever-growing disconnect between business and IT leaders can have some serious consequences. Whereas 25% of offices workers across EMEA believe the CEO should be accountable for cyber attacks, they are frequently kept in the dark by IT leaders about cyber attacks in their company! This key finding of recent VMware research shows the desperate need to rethink security. Continue reading

GDPR: Getting ready for 2018

eu_last1Two years after the regulation was first announced, the progress is visible but it’s slow. As often happens with regulation, it’s going to take a whipping boy to understand the gravity of the situation for most organisations. One high-profile case of a company handing money over for non-compliance under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be the required wake-up call the rest of the industry needs to get their act together. Continue reading