Monthly Archives: August 2016

It takes a planet: Why international cyber security cooperation is more important than ever

The battle against cyber crime takes a unified, global front.In many ways, the internet has made the world smaller. Communication between people on different continents is now instantaneous. Files and information can be rapidly shared between disparate web users, and edited in real time. Events that occur on one side of the globe can be widely read about on the other side within the amount of time it takes to type it out and post it online. It’s almost like a human super power – while we cannot physically travel at the speed of light, our messages, our photos, our videos and our ideas quite literally can.  Continue reading

Are you prepared for a ransomware attack?

Is your organization ready for infection?Try as they might, companies are often unprepared when it comes to the security of their IT infrastructure. While organizations have to do everything in their power to plug up every single vulnerability in their systems, hackers only have to find one to be successful in their attack. What’s more, the wide variety of techniques cyber criminals have to choose from means that businesses just can’t predict how they’ll be hacked. Continue reading

Digital espionage: what the Chinese have taught us

Boord, Blackboard, Internet, Bescherming, HackerRecently, a Dutch security firm has published an extensive report on the activities of a hacker organization by the exotic name of ‘Mofang’. Among their victims: several government agences and even some arms manufacturers. There are more than enough indications to conclude that these are all cases of digital espionage. Nor is it hard to conclude what country they are from. Based on some Chinese characters in the traces that weren’t deleted, and on the remarkably high number of  Myanmar organizations among the victims, we can safely conclude that Chinese hackers are behind this group. Continue reading