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Mobile malware: more frequent, more diverse, and more platforms

Mobile malware is still growing significantly: the number of unique samples of malware has been growing almost continuously throughout the year. By the end of 2016, over 19 million unique samples of malicious Android apps had been collected and analyzed, almost twice as much as in 2015. The number and diversity of mobile threats increases along with the number of devices and the advances in technologie that power these mobile devices. That is the most important conclusion from Trend Micro’s Mobile Threat Landscape Report. Continue reading

Leaking Beeps: IT Systems Broadcasting Sensitive Info

In our previous installments of the Leaking Beeps research series, we have discussed that both healthcare and industrial control systems have been sending clear text messages via the pager communications protocols POCSAG and FLEX. We were surprised to see pages containing sensitive patient information when we looked into the use of pagers in the healthcare sector. We were just as alarmed to see the number of automation systems in industrial environments that were utilizing POCSAG and FLEX as wireless communications paths. This gave a lot of information away to a potential attacker who could use them in a future attack.

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Leaking Beeps: Are You In Control Of Your Own Automation?

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are a hot topic in the security industry today, thanks to the prevalence of software that is often riddled with security flaws and legacy protocols that were designed without any type of security. Many of these systems were designed in a different time, when the world was quite different. ICS systems used to be isolated, Internet access was rare and expensive, and hacking knowledge was not as widespread as it is today. It would be very difficult for a programmer to have foreseen some of the security issues that have now come about. As a result, however, this often translates to cases where solutions are developed to get the most out of the system while maintaining a cost-conscious mindset. As a result, there are cases where software and protocols that were never meant to be part of an ICS system end up as part of such a system. Continue reading

How can you attack/defend something you can’t see?

In today’s connected world the targets of cyberattacks are always changing. For years, infected endpoints and huge botnets were the place to be to make profits – because this is where the data was. In the modern world most users no longer know where their data resides – it’s simply there when they need it. But the more technically skilled understand that our modern cloud-backed world is not without danger. Cybercriminals also know where to find our data, and the door is sometimes wide open for them to come and get it.  Continue reading

Gartner puts Trend Micro highest among leaders in 2017 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Hard work in 2016 definitely paid off for everyone on our endpoint security team here at Trend Micro. Recently Gartner, Inc. announced that Trend Micro had been positioned Highest and Furthest in the leader’s quadrant for its ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). Continue reading

Infosecurity, the place to be (especially booth 03.B010)

Infosecurity, the annual highlight of IT security in Belgium, is approaching rapidly, so we thought it would be good to send you a timely reminder. And while we’re at it, let us remind you why you don’t want to miss this high mass of Belgian IT on March 22nd and 23rd. Continue reading