3 good reasons why you should visit us at Infosecurity

Infosecurity-2015Infosecurity is the annual highlight of IT security in Belgium. Due to the tragic events on March 22th, it was postponed to June 15th and 16th. Hence, next week! 

It’s not too late to sign up for the fair and we’ll give you three good reasons why you should! 

1 / Infosecurity is the perfect opportunity to meet up, exchanges ideas and expertise, discuss the latest trends in security and present the latest security technologies. With Trend Micro we are in full preparations for the fair, already sharing news and papers on the security challenges Computing Everywhere – Infosecurity’s theme this year – is bringing about, and how you can successfully deal with them.

2 / We will be hosting a seminar session on both June 15th and 16th in room nr.8 on security in the cloud: ‘Born secure, on premise or in the cloud’ 

Virtualization is a wonderful evolution that brings along massive opportunities to optimize your workflow. Better, faster, but is it safe?

In this sessions we will take a closer look at more sophisticated threat vectors, attack surfaces, attack techniques and vulnerabilities. Once you know how the bad guys work, you can arm your IT against them. We will share security best practices and protection methods to give you all the tools you need.

Join this session to learn how the right security solution can automate security as part of the provisioning process, reduce the management burden while still ensuring a highly secure hybrid data center. Have VM’s born secure, from day one, on premise or in the cloud.

3 / Last but not least: we will be handing out free webcam covers to make sure no one can use your webcam to introduce your privacy. Make sure to pick up your free webcam cover at our booth (03.B010).

Webcam cover

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