6.5 million Belgians use unprotected computers

schermafbeelding-2016-10-10-om-08-11-17The entire month of October is European CyberSecMonth, when the EU tries to raise more awareness with citizens of cyber security threats and provide up to data information on how to protect your computer on the internet. Yesterday on the evening news it was said that almost 6.5 million Belgians are using unprotected computers, so the #CyberSecMonth is definitely a necessary campaign. 

The Belgian radio show – De Inspecteur – on Radio 2 is investigating the risks of using an unprotected computer. The entire month they will be using “de vuilste laptop van Vlaanderen” to browse the internet and find out how long it takes before it gets infected. Small example case in this news item: without any security devices, they can easily download a new screensaver with some cute little dogs on it. When using a laptop that is protected, Trend Micro OfficeScan immediately blocks the download and gives a notification that something is wrong. This means “de vuilste laptop van Vlaanderen” already did its first malicious download… Interesting to see how fast this goes wrong!

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