Belgium gearing up against cybercrime with Centre for Cybersecurity

many-enterprises-are-complacent-about-cybersecurity-despite-the-threat-e_459_650029_0_14102559_300Last week Belgian Prime Minister Michel officially launched the Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB). The centre’s role will be to intervene when Belgian organizations or companies are attacked through the internet and watch over the the continuous threats of hackers.

The CCB will be appointed a budget of €700,000 and it will employ 10 people. But how far will this get them in an increasingly professional world of cybercrime?

We will have to wait and see what told the CCB will play but all questions and skepticism aside, this is a very positive evolution. Worldwide Trend Micro is already collaboration with similar organizations, like Interpol and the FBI. It is critical to join forces since this is the only way we can cope with the professional, global cybercriminal organisations.

Within Trend Micro, we have a Forward Looking Threat Research (FTR) Team that actively supports governments to trace and investigate cybercriminals.

Very recently Trend Micro warned the Dutch authorities of a coordinated attack to get unauthorized access to sensitive material of the investigation into the MH17 incident, before and after they published their report on October 13th.

If the CCB will set up similar collaborations, I am convinced that this will be a great step forward in tracing and fighting cybercrime.

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