How can you attack/defend something you can’t see?

In today’s connected world the targets of cyberattacks are always changing. For years, infected endpoints and huge botnets were the place to be to make profits – because this is where the data was. In the modern world most users no longer know where their data resides – it’s simply there when they need it. But the more technically skilled understand that our modern cloud-backed world is not without danger. Cybercriminals also know where to find our data, and the door is sometimes wide open for them to come and get it. 

Infosecurity seminar on the evolution of the cloud & the attacks

At Infosecurity on March 22nd en 23rd, Trend Micro’s EMEA Threat Research Lead Robert McArdle will host a seminar about how an evolution in attackers’ skill set has led to unprecedented breaches, and the loss of control over critical infrastructure and even democracy itself.

You can sign up for the seminar here.

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