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XDR or Managed XDR: extend your team with 3000 threat researchers and 30+ years of cyber security leadership

In recent years, our economy and industries have become omni-connected. Businesses operate in a global economy and are part of an extensive eco-system. With new business models, new types of competition and new cyber risks emerging, businesses fight to earn the trust of existing and new customers every day.

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Using Wi-Fi on holiday is not without danger: smartphone users easy target

Summer travel should be a respite from work, when you relax and don’t have to worry about business. And your mobile devices can help make it easier, whether it’s booking a flight or a hotel room, ordering a cab or an Uber driver, browsing websites for your next destination, connecting to family via voice or messaging, even purchasing items in a checkout line or withdrawing cash from an ATM. Continue reading

How does it feel to be robbed?

Guest blog by Rense Buijen, Technical Director Trend Mico 

Imagine that you are not at home the coming weekend; maybe you are visiting a friend or staying at your parents. Maybe you are on vacation, who knows. Now imagine that someone breaks into your home, ravages trough your personal belongings such as your photos, documents, maybe even the stuff of your kids. How does that feel? Continue reading