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XDR from a technical point of view: bringing down the silos

“If you want to do IT security right, you quickly need to double your staff and depending on your IT landscape, even that will sometimes not be enough.” It may be simplistic but given the evolution of the threat landscape and the digital transformation that drives a shift to the cloud, there is a lot of truth to it. Trend Micro XDR can help you reduce the workload and improve your level of protection against the most sophisticated attacks.

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Charting the changes in cybercrime over the past five years

The cybercrime economy is one of the runaway success stories of the 21st century — at least, for those who participate in it. Estimates claim it could be worth over $1trillion annually, more than the GDP of many countries. Part of that success is due to its ability to evolve and shift as the threat landscape changes. Trend Micro has been profiling the underground cybercrime community for several years. And over the past five, we’ve seen a major shift to new platforms, communications channels, products and services, as trust on the dark web erodes and new market demands emerge.

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Teaming up with INTERPOL to combat COVID-19 threats

If the past couple of months have taught us anything, it’s that partnerships matter in times of crisis. We’re better, stronger and more resilient when we work together. Specifically, public-private partnerships matter in cybersecurity, which is why Trend Micro is always happy to reach out across industry, academia and law enforcement to offer its expertise.

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