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Our Exposed World – Exposed Cities in Europe

Today Trend Micro’s FTR team released more papers on our continued investigation into our exposed world. Already having looked at the Exposed US, we now turn our attention to Europe, looking not only at Western European capitals, but deeper into three of its largest countries – GermanyFrance, and the United Kingdom. Continue reading

You Can’t Outsource Accountability: Uber Breach Highlights Firms’ Cloud Security Responsibilities

Consumers and cybersecurity professionals around the world have been stunned by Uber’s revelation that it paid hackers $100,000 to delete data on 57 million users stolen last year. There are many strands to the case, and more details are likely to emerge over time. But fundamentally it highlights the need for firms to secure their cloud environments as rigorously as anything on premise.

With the EU GDPR promising huge fines for firms that fail to suitably protect customer data, companies must realise that when it comes to the cloud, you simply can’t outsource accountability. Continue reading

An Elaborate ATM Threat Crops Up: Network-based ATM Malware Attacks

by David Sancho and Numaan Huq (Trend Micro Forward-Looking Threat Research Team), Massimiliano Michenzi (Europol EC3)

Infecting automated teller machines (ATMs) with malware is nothing new. It’s concerning, yes. But new? Not really. We’ve been seeing physical attacks against ATMs since 2009. By physical, we mean opening the target machine’s casing, accessing the motherboard and connecting USB drives or CD-ROMs in order to infect the operating system. Once infected, the ATM is at the attackers’ mercy, which normally means that they are able to empty the money cassettes and walk away with fully loaded wallets. In 2016, we released a joint paper with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) that discussed the shift from physical to digital means of emptying an ATM and described the different ATM malware families that had been seen in the wild by then. Continue reading

Trend Micro and VMware: a winning virtualization security combination for your hybrid cloud

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 09.02.19The future of company datacenters, and of IT in general, is in the cloud. And in the next few years, most of these clouds will definitely be hybrid. Our customers are asking for such solutions, that enable them to move towards the future while holding on – at least for a while – to their existing infrastructure. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of solutions available to enable this hybrid cloud and the closely related Software-Defined Data Center. Most of these solutions are the result of some form of collaboration between VMware and other industry players. Continue reading

Ransomware: the fightback starts here

cryptolocker2Barely a day has gone by already this year without another ransomware incident hitting the headlines. These insidious malware campaigns, which typically lock users out of their machines until they pay up, are fast becoming the favourite way for cybercriminals to make money. In fact, some figures suggest ransomware comprised as much as half of all malware attacks last year. While this is an annoyance for consumers, the effects on businesses can be even worse – leading to serious service disruption and potentially major associated costs. Continue reading

Why cybercriminals love our PoS systems (and what we can do to stop the love)

post3PoS (Point of Sale) fraud and malware used to be little more than keylogging and screenscraping: retrieving credit or debit card details by registering the information that the customer enters on the keyboard and/or that appears on the screen. Nowadays the cybercriminals targeting PoS systems have a more elaborate and more advanced set of weapons available.

Continue reading