Digital Extortion: Present and Future @Infosecurity March 14-15

The next two days, March 14th and 15th, the Belgian IT world is joining up in Brussels for Infosecurity. One on the seminars will be hosted by our Senior Threat Researcher David Sancho on the topic of digital extortion, on which he has written an elaborate research paper

Digital extortion: the most popular business model for cybercriminals

Digital extortion has become a fact of life, with ransomware and the like. This threat will continue to grow rampant because it is cheap and easy to commit, and many times the victims pay. In fact, it has evolved into the most successful criminal business model in the current threat landscape. Digital extortion started with denial-of-service extortion attacks back in the early 2000s, but these attacks have evolved quite a lot over the years. While ransomware may have become the go-to modus operandi, online extortionists have a wide field open to them.

In this presentation, Senior Threat Researcher David Sancho takes a deep dive into the current landscape before moving on to hypothesize how future digital extortion attacks will look like.

Don’t patch it, automate it! 

Also presenting is Chris Van den Abeele, Global Solution Architect. He is making the business case for automated virtual patching

In today’s real-time enterprise, we can quickly spin-up new VMs, new Instances, new Containers and even entire Stacks, but keeping those up to date remains labor intensive.
The operations team is sometimes forced to take shortcuts, and often one of the first tasks that fall by the wayside are Patching and Checking for vulnerabilities.

Join this session to learn how you can Build the Business case for Automated Virtual Patching, and how you can Take the pain out Patching with Trend Micro(TM) Deep Security(TM).

Drop by our booth B170

Sign up here if you want to attend the seminar on digital extortion or the seminar on automated virtual patching and while you’re visiting, make sure to drop by the Trend Micro booth B170!



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