Forrester Report Names Trend Micro as a Leader in Endpoint Security

Ransomware, targeted attacks, zero day threats, information stealing malware – modern CISOs face a formidable array of threats today. Just last month the FBI was forced to issue yet another warning on ransomware, while Trend Micro alone has identified 79 new variants in the first half of the year, a staggering 179% increase on the total figure for 2015. Effective, multi-layered endpoint security is vital to keep threats at bay and ensure enterprise data is safe from harm.

That’s why Trend Micro is delighted to learn that its technology has just received the highest score in the current offering category among 15 vendors appraised in the The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016 report. We at Trend Micro believe that being named as a leader by Forrester’s report affirms the merits of having a complete endpoint protection portfolio and marks yet another point of independent industry validation of Trend Micro’s technology leadership.

Trend Micro received the highest score possible in the Product Roadmap and Go-To Market Strategy criteria, notching up an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 in the strategy category. Forrester specifically stated that “Overall, Trend Micro’s current portfolio, combined with its short- and long-term road maps, aligns very well with the current and (likely) future needs of enterprise buyers.”

In addition to providing the best endpoint security technology available today, Trend Micro has the right vision to develop sophisticated techniques to combat the threats of tomorrow. Earlier this month, we released its new class of cyber threat defense, XGen™ endpoint security. XGen™ complements our proven optimized protection with high-fidelity machine learning. Using a single or incomplete set of techniques can leave gaps in a company’s security posture, but the evolving threat landscape demands a comprehensive, multi-layered endpoint protection strategy. This is exactly what XGen™ offers. With 28 years of experience and more than 155 million endpoints protected, this latest release demonstrates Trend Micro’s unwavering commitment to innovation in the area of endpoint security. 

Firms under fire

Enterprises are under attack from all sides. Whether it’s sophisticated information stealing malware developed to bypass detection, ransomware designed to cause maximum disruption, or more generic malware written to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities – threats are everywhere. And thanks to the rise of mobile working, cloud computing and risky user behavior, the security gaps within organizations are growing and become a challenge for IT managers.

Organizations need to lock down this risk via comprehensive layered protection including endpoint security. Yet new research suggests only a third of businesses have an endpoint security strategy in place. Just as the bad guys employ a wide variety of tools and techniques to infiltrate organizations, so IT leaders must look to product offerings that combine multiple protection techniques.

Many vendors talk up specific eye-catching features as the silver bullet solution, such as machine learning, but beware the marketing hype. Often on closer inspection their overall proposition can be lacking in depth and breadth, with a narrow focus that could let threats through. Machine learning, for example, is good at stopping malware in executables but is less able to detect threats in non-executable files, such as PDFs or Word docs; so machine learning is only part of a complete endpoint protection strategy.

It’s also important to find a solution that helps IT departments not only to streamline processes, but makes all layers work together and share threat intelligence across – an integrated, smart suite allows you to get centralized visibility and control.


You can download the full report on our website.

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