Hacking an election is about manipulating data to affect hearts & minds

Everything can be hacked, even democracy itself. Andrés Sepúlveda described in an interview how for a decade he helped political parties in South-America to win elections. He hacked other political parties for them, got all their secrets, … 

But today all organizations – even your competitors – can hire people like Andrés. On of the most famous is Pawn Storm, a long series of economic and political attacks. Last year they changed some of their tactics to use cyber propaganda. They manipulate the data they have access to, in a world that is so relying on information and data. And this can effect democracy. For instance they hacked into the Democratic National Committee in the US, to steal and release the files on Donald Trump the Democrats had.

So if you thinking about hacking an election, it is not about hacking the voting machines, but it is literally about manipulating the data (fake news) to effect the hearts and minds of everybody voting. We have elections all over Europe this year. I very most doubt this is the very last time we see this type of manipulation.

To learn more, watch the presentation of Robert McArdle, EMEA Threat Research Lead at Trend Micro

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