How our partners can benefit from XDR

In recent years, the threat landscape has changed enormously. So, as an organization you need more grip on the lifecycle of the threat. Prevention remains important in this respect. But the context and the correlation of information and data is also becoming increasingly important.

René van Loenen, Benelux Channel Lead at Trend Micro

Take your home, for example. Of course, you have a lock and perhaps even a security camera. Seems enough to keep your house secure: you can lock it up and monitor it. But you lack the context to make the right decisions. Suppose a grey car is parked in front of your house, someone rings the doorbell and/or checks through the window to see if you’re home. If that’s a one-time thing, you don’t have to worry. But if it happens daily, it is relevant. And by bringing everything together you see a pattern and can draw a conclusion.

That’s what we at Trend Micro do with XDR. All the input from our solutions – across the different technology layers – is brought together in a large data layer and gives us a complete overview of the threat landscape.

The importance of partners

In our security story, the channel partner continues to play a crucial role. First, they understand how the security landscape works and they know perfectly how Trend Micro can help them. Secondly, our resellers and integrators know the client better and can offer a solution to prevent a possible security issue from repeating itself.

This can be done based on detection where the role of the partner is that someone must do something (response). Think of it as a kind of managed services that the partner offers around our solutions. Or it can be based on Managed Detection & Response, where the partner calls on Trend Micro’s specialized team and SOC and takes a margin on the service they offer.   

In other words, Trend Micro delivers the building blocks and our partner community can resell them or develop services around them. XDR is then purely the technology on which they can build managed services.

How to deliver XDR to the customer?

Security technology evolves so rapidly that it’s hard to stay up to date. As a result, the industry is shifting rapidly towards a SaaS model (Security-as-a-service). A big advantage is that those online services update automatically, and the offered solution is always up to date. As a partner you can then focus on the configuration and endpoints and give your customer tailored advice regarding his security policy.

Now the market is talking about EDR (endpoint detection and response). The X of XDR stands for cross platform. So that includes solutions throughout the network and not just the endpoints. This means you get more data. And the amount of data you can use for your analysis is directly in line with the quality of your security.

XDR support for our partner network

To support our partners, we’ve taken several XDR initiatives at Trend Micro. As an incentive, for example, we offer partners the opportunity to turn on XDR functionality for 10% of the licenses sold to customers. This allows them and their customers to see the added value for their business. In addition, there is support from channel management but also from distribution through training on what Detection & Response entails. Our own local Trend Micro people can also help partners discover the needs and demands of their customers and provide presales support.

Online XDR learning tools

Finally, we also offer online support to our partners. And here’s some good news, as the Trend Micro Partner Portal and our Education Portal have been refreshed. On the partner portal you’ll find the product cloud and several resources with trials and demo software. This gives you the opportunity to make something abstract – like XDR – tangible and understandable for the customer during a webinar or sales conversation. Of course, you will also find the necessary sales library with documentation, presentations and sell sheets about our XDR offering.

As a partner, you can follow free online training courses on the Education Portal. You do this at the time and rhythm that suits you best. You’ll find both technical sales training courses as well as training courses that zoom in on the why of XDR.   

In our security approach and philosophy, we try to work around the NIST security framework. We try to help our partners to explore and recognize the five different phases (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recovery). And then make clear in which phase which technology is important.  And where a human being is the cause. Because that is often the weak link in security.  With our XDR security solution, partners can offer organizations one of the best technological solutions on the market. But don’t forget to work on security awareness.

Please reach out to analyze the possibilities for your organization.

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