No more airtime for hackers at RTL Belgium 

No more airtime for hackers at RTL Belgium

No more airtime for hackers at RTL Belgium

RTL Belgium, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest commercial broadcasting group, is market leader in French-speaking Belgium. Every day, over two million people view one of their television channels and their radio stations reach almost 600,000 listeners every day. “Media groups have a big impact on our daily lives. So you can imagine that we are becoming a more and more interesting target for hackers”, says Maxime Masset, IT Security Systems Administrator.

The price and value of IT security

The media industry is experiencing an immense digital transformation. From recordings to broadcasting: everything is digital. “Broadcast without IT has become mission impossible,” says Maxime Masset. In this setting security is currently one of the major challenges for RTL Belgium’s IT department. An additional challenge is that security is often seen as a financial burden. Sometimes it is also regarded as an obstacle for productivity. “It was vital to first demonstrate the importance of security for our computer network and to find efficient solutions that are as transparent as possible, at a reasonable price”, says Maxime Masset.

OfficeScan and Sandbox

Initially, RTL Belgium decided to upgrade to the most recent version of the Trend Micro OfficeScan solution with ‘behavior monitoring’ and machine learning. Maxime Masset: “Last year, we also implemented the sandbox function via the Deep Discovery Analyzer. This guarantees an even more proactive security, as suspicious files are opened in a completely secured/closed environment to observe their behavior before they are forwarded to the recipient over our network.”

Optimal security and productivity at the same time

As soon as we upgraded OfficeScan and installed the sandbox solution, no more ransomware attacks have been successful! “This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the collaboration with Trend Micro. Right now, we block up to 20 threats each month thanks to the sandbox, and fifty more thanks to OfficeScan. Today, our users can work in a protected environment, efficiently and without fear. We experience hardly any delay despite the greatly improved security”, Maxime Masset concludes.

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