Security is a shared responsibility

We are living in exciting times. The way we work is radically changing. We see businesses transforming into digital businesses, relying on social, mobile, analytics and cloud. Not only for collaboration purposes, but also for data storage, email, insights, etc.  When it comes to the cloud industry, we see great names as Microsoft, Amazon and Google Apps. They have extensive experience and yes, they have taken security measures to protect the data you trust them with. This, however, does not mean you can put your feet up and leave the security aspect entirely in the third parties’ hands.

So not only the way we work has changed, the way we should handle security should change too… Take greater control, maintain higher levels of security. 

Multiple levels of security
Let me explain it with an example. When you teach your kids how to drive a bicycle, you focus on technique and how they should behave in traffic. All the basic security measures are taken, but when you actually send them out into the street, you give them a helmet, right? And maybe a mobile phone, just in case they are a bit late and you want to check up on them? Some extra measures, just to be on the safe side.

In security this is exactly how it works: solutions like Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure provide all the basic security ingredients but their core business is not security. So you can’t blame them for not taking into account the latest risks and evolutions in cybercrime. It’s not their key focus. In the end it’s you, the business owner, who is responsible for data governance and security policies and processes.

One security platform to cover your cloud
But where to start? Many companies are already working with a variety of SaaS providers and it’s far from effective to take separate security measures for each of those silos. The key to safely working in the cloud lies in one centralized security platform. This helps you take security further with additional threat and data protection controls. This also means that you can move your data freely, without having to worry about compliancy.

And that is, after all, what companies are looking for in this fast-moving digital world: scalability, flexibility and a shared responsibility! Want to know more about your extra line of defense for Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure? Click here and download your free report.

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