Security seminars coming up: get up to speed in 60 minutes

Summer holiday is officially over, and we are in for a challenging last quarter of the year. Plenty of challenges: we are all working towards a more open and mobile digital environment, while the cyber-baddies are preparing plenty of new attacks. And the time to comply with GDPR is shrinking daily.

This may seem scary, but meanwhile an entire security industry is working hard to keep one step ahead of the bad guys. In handy interactive sessions of no more than 60 minutes just before lunchtime (11am to 12 pm), you can find out all about the latest security trends and get an answer to all of your questions. And we will organize each session twice, so you don’t have to miss any of them. Get up to speed in 60 minutes, by signing up for our webinars!   

How to secure your SAAS applications – Advanced threat security

–> 27th October & 12th December 2017

Discover the most common challenges in advanced threat security and learn what steps to take for securing your SAAS based applications.

Register here for October or here for December.

Highlighting Security Flaws ahead of GDPR

–> 17th November 2017

Learn which security controls you can put in place to defend your business and make sure you’re on the right track track towards GDPR compliancy.

Register here

Network Defense: Why Visibility is Key to Rooting Out Ransomware

–> 24th November & 12th January 2018

Get actionable insights on network visibility and how it can help you prevent unforeseen risks and costs.

Register here for November or here for January.

Improve your protection from new threats and share in real time with our Connected Treat Defense

–> 14th December & 23 February 2018

Register here for December or here for February.


Check out your agendas for the coming months!

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