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Email may not be a safe mode of communication

Email-may-not-be-as-secure-as-many-people-might-think-_459_40114168_0_14014054_300-300x225Email has moved into the center of communications. This is especially true within the business sector, seeing as The Radicati Group discovered that the average employee sends and receives 122 emails every day. This digital means of discussion is incredibly convenient and quick, but it is far from a perfect system.  Continue reading

A cyber attack doesn’t need to be sophisticated to be dangerous

A-hack-doesnt-have-to-be-sophisticated-to-work-_459_40104699_0_14098092_300-300x240When people talk about specific cyber attacks, they very often focus on how sophisticated the hack was. Many newscasters love to discuss how refined a hacker’s methods are, propping the cyber criminal up as a highly intelligent individual who found his or her way to the wrong side of the law. While it is true that many cyber criminals are smart and use high-level techniques in their attacks, stating that all cyber attacks are sophisticated is missing the point. Continue reading