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Data leaks lead to personal blackmail and extortion

shutterstock_16411288The third quarter of 2015 (July – September) was a time where we saw some significant threat activity in the areas of Point of Sale (PoS) malware, vulnerabilities and sophisticated Pawn Storm attacks. In our third quarter security roundup Hazards Ahead: Current Vulnerabilities Prelude Impending Attacks we address all these activities. Continue reading

2016 Predictions: The Fine Line Between Business and Personal

TheFineLineOnline blackmail, hacktivism and mobile malware are still on the rise in 2016. These perhaps less surprising trends in Trend Micro’s report ‘The Fine Line: 2016 Security Predictions’ are clouded by one striking prediction: “due to the increasing use of smart devices in our daily activities, at least one smart device failure will have lethal consequences. Call it the first human cyber casualties or what you will, it is at the very least a prediction that we should consider for a moment. Continue reading