Three different companies, three similar security challenges, one comprehensive approach

A hospital, a government organization and a television broadcaster: their business models couldn’t be further apart, yet they struggle with very similar security challenges. All three asked Trend Micro to help them out, and all three now enjoy comprehensive and easily managed company wide security.

Every security challenge is different, but not as different as you might think. Recently, Trend Micro was tasked with providing an all-encompassing security solution for three different Belgian companies. While the organizations might seem widely different at first glance, their needs and our solution were surprisingly similar.

The challenges

RTL Belgium is the largest broadcasting group in the French speaking part of Belgium. The group reaches over two million people every day with their television channels, and an additional 600.000 with their radio stations. As with many organizations, digital transformation has changed the way RTL works. “Without IT, broadcasting has become impossible”, their IT Security Systems Administrator notices.

The very same sentiment re-echoed by the Network Administrator of the public hospital CHU in Charleroi. “IT is critical, a hospital can no longer function without. Not only the building is controlled digitally, the entire workflow and even the monitoring of patients vital sings happens with the help of computer systems.”

Lastly, the RJV-ONVA wanted to enable their workers to do their jobs from any device and any location, in the safest way possible. The government organization manages the administration of the Belgian annual leave and holiday payment system, and as such handles extremely confidential data. They needed to protect their data, wherever it resides.

These three organizations came from completely different backgrounds, but the ever increasing reliance on IT means they struggle with the same issues. They all need to keep malware out and protect data with a solution that can be managed without expanding the IT team. It’s at least as important that employees can do their jobs without the security solution interfering, whether they are doctors and nurses, public workers or journalists.

The solution

Trend Micro today provides protection for the companies using a combination of services. Deep Discovery Inspector keeps an eye on the networks, while Deep Discovery Analyzer provides a sandboxing solution which can detect even the most advanced malware and ransomware without a risk of impacting the critical IT infrastructure. OfficeScan provides endpoint protection, while ScanMail keeps the mailservers secure. The entire security infrastructure is easily manageable from a central console, which enables even a small IT team to stay on top of things.

Off course, some solutions are case specific. The RJV-ONVA for example enjoys the extra layer of protection offered by Trend Micro’s Threat Prevention and intrusion prevention. The system is able to block even the most recent zero day attacks without the need for imitate patching.

Trend Micro prides itself in offering all-encompassing security solutions that are easily manageable, and are able to secure very different IT environments in a very straightforward ways. The three cases in Belgium illustrate the versatility of our security solutions. Whether it’s a hospital, the government, a broadcasting company or an entirely different organization.

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