Trend Micro and Luxembourg: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

FredIt’s been about one year since we officially started up our Luxembourg office, and Frederic Dohen joined Trend Micro as our local business development manager, and what a year it was! With the help of Laurent Vanderschrick for channel and Frederik Van Roosendael for pre and post sales, Frederic has reintroduced Trend Micro to the local partner community, and has been able to explain the value and product range of Trend Micro; to show that we are not just an anti-malware vendor, as some of them falsely assumed.

The results are already showing: we have seen a 30% growth in revenue, and the number of pending sales deals has just about doubled. The improved collaboration with partners – including the big 4 consultancy firms – and customers has also been helpful in positioning ourselves as a worthwhile candidate for larger deals: we prove to be a local and global provider they can rely on. Not only for our reliable products but also for our excellent support team near the customers, which can intervene swiftly when necessary.

All of these elements combined considerably improve our chances for larger deals in the area of Luxembourg, including international deals involving various countries.  Which is good news because Luxembourg is known for two industries that are continuously targeted by cybercriminals: datacenters and financial organizations. They invest heavily in the best security solutions, and we believe firmly that we are their best investment.

But not only the large Luxembourg banks and datacenters should focus on security. Many smaller organizations in other industries believe they are safe from cyberattacks because “we are just a small Luxembourg company”. But that’s not how it works. Even if the cybercriminals do not wat to harm or extort you, your computers are valuable to them as a possible ally in a DDos attack. And if it appears that your PC’s and/or mobiles were used in such an attack, it is ultimately you who will have to assume the responsibility.

That is why we are glad we have taken the decision to open a local office in Luxembourg. There are many potential partners and customers who can use our knowhow and products in order to firmly defend themselves against all threats that surround them. We cannot provide these products and services adequately without having a local team providing this presence and availability.

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