Trend Micro and VMware: a winning virtualization security combination for your hybrid cloud

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 09.02.19The future of company datacenters, and of IT in general, is in the cloud. And in the next few years, most of these clouds will definitely be hybrid. Our customers are asking for such solutions, that enable them to move towards the future while holding on – at least for a while – to their existing infrastructure. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of solutions available to enable this hybrid cloud and the closely related Software-Defined Data Center. Most of these solutions are the result of some form of collaboration between VMware and other industry players.

But, surprisingly, when it comes to securing such environments, many security vendors fail to provide their customers with a reliable solution. Of course securing such environments is not a walk in the park. To secure a software-defined data center, for instance, you ideally use a software-defined security solution. And moreover: to secure a heterogeneous and layered environment – consisting of users, networks and servers – you need a ‘connected threat defense’ which covers all components of the infrastructure, and a centralized view and action center which provides you with an overview of all  these components. Only then will you be sufficiently secured against today’s threats, including APT’s (advanced persistent threats) and ransomware.

This is exactly what Trend Micro can offer to organizations: the combination of NSX and Deep Security provide them with security automation and really contribute to the implementation of a proactive security platform which reliably secures a hybrid cloud and software-defined environment without adversely affecting the performance.

Would you like to find out more? Then  you should visit our joint Trend Micro and Vmware booth during the Information Security Days on April 12th and 13th in Luxembourg. We will gladly convince you of the power of Trend Micro and VMware: together we form a truly winning virtualization security combination.

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