Using Wi-Fi on holiday is not without danger: smartphone users easy target

Summer travel should be a respite from work, when you relax and don’t have to worry about business. And your mobile devices can help make it easier, whether it’s booking a flight or a hotel room, ordering a cab or an Uber driver, browsing websites for your next destination, connecting to family via voice or messaging, even purchasing items in a checkout line or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

That said, all this digital convenience comes at a certain price of vigilance: there are more ways than ever to be exposed to threats on your mobile devices, to have your data, money, or identity stolen. These threats usually arrive by way of your networking options, when emailing, messaging, browsing, or using particular apps and online accounts. Wi-Fi leads the way, followed by near-field communication (NFC) and even Bluetooth (in certain circumstances). But even a simple QR scan on your smartphone or insertion of a USB stick into your laptop can open you up to unexpected threats.

Just when, where, and how do travelers need to be cautious? And how can you protect yourself from networking threats that can turn your vacation into a nightmare?

Stefaan Van Hoornick, Presales Manager at Trend Micro, shares some tips in Het Nieuwsblad.

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