VIDEO: Cybercrime is a business problem

Last week Trend Micro’s Regional Director Benelux Steven Heyde spoke with the Dutch news medium Executive-People on the implications of cybercrime in 2016 and how to fight it. According to Steven Heyde, cyber attacks will become more and more advanced and omnipresent.

The interview’s in Dutch but here’s some key ideas:

Ransomware will have even more impact on how companies are working today. It’s very effective for cybercriminals to pressurize companies, to disrupt their business, to force them to pay. More and more companies have to arm themselves against this.

The legislation is in place. There’s a legal framework to which companies have to adapt. We see this for example in the data breach notification obligation, that forms an important step to act within a legal framework.’” (…) “For this, companies need the necessary vision and strategy: how to prepare for this? With the Trend Micro technology and the competences of our channel, we’ve got a nice mix to respond to the challenges companies are facing today.”

More information on data breach legislation, can be found here.

Source: Executive-People

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