Why VPNs are not enough

With most of us working from home these days; we remain connected with the enterprise network and applications mostly by using a VPN solution. Although a VPN provides encryption of data, these solutions might provide a false sense of security, in case you rely on this security measure only.

Connecting from a remote location does extend the corporate network and introduces new possible points of entry to your companies’ network. If remote workers are working from unsupervised networks, typically from home, with numerous unmanaged devices connected this imposes a security risk. These unprotected home devices such as computers used by your children can be used to gain un-authorized access to your enterprise network and applications.

Besides a VPN to encrypt sensitive data, including the usage of multi-factor authentication it is essential to adhere to the following security best practices. This to not only protect the workplace at home but also the organisation against attacks via the home network.

  • Keep your devices updated with the latest security patches. Not only the operating system, but also all applications.
  • Use legitimate software only and remove unnecessary applications.
  • Secure your network; use only the strongest Wifi encryption algorithm.
  • Be alert for fishing scams, never click on a link and avoid browsing dodgy websites.
  • Use a reputable antimalware solution.

For more details see also our Trend Micro Research article on working from home.

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